Monday, September 13, 2010

Few more pics

Here's a few pics sent to me by anonymous. The first showing inside one of the wards in 1913, second, showing buildings I recognise as Lewis House and McDonnel House in 1938.
The last picture is of what were called Hydrotherapy baths. Extremely hot baths followed by rapid cooling in an ice bath was one of many "therapies" practiced in days gone by.
It's amazing to think that the practitioners of such treatments couldn't see the irony in that what they were doing, would make anyone crazy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inside the Clinical Studies Unit

Administration and Clinical studies building

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cafe on the Park

Some pics taken inside the Abandoned Cafe at Wolston Park in Wacol.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Torn down

Well since the last time I visited the Park it looks like parts are being renovated to be used by Queensland police as a Police Academy. A lot of the decommissioned buildings have already had the asbestos removal teams go through, and while they were there I'm pretty sure I saw hydrotherapy baths being thrown out.
The oldest building, the old Woman's ward(the multi level building with no floor boards) is still untouched. Speaking of the old woman's ward a friend and I visited it a few weeks back, it really isn't as scarey as the other buildings. It's just harder to get around inside!
Any one ever managed to get a hold of there relatives files through Freedom of Information? Would love to hear from you if you have.
Also any stories of other abandoned places are welcome in the comments too

Is anyone else interested in this place or what?

Hey guys, I live down the road from the place that has had so many names, Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, Goodna Asylum, Brisbane Special Hospital but I think most people know of it as Wolston Park.
I first found out about it's existance when I moved to brisbane from Melbourne in 2006, when I found out I lived 5 minutes away from an abandoned mental asylum I was intrigued to say the least. It actually ended up taking a few drives to figure out exactly where it was but once I found it, I just had to know more about it, something that has proved more difficult than I thought.

Around this time my mum was doing some research into the family tree, and I was blown away to find out that my Great Grandfather, was a patient at the hospital from 1917 till his death in 1965, currently i'm trying to find out more about him and also anything at all about the hospital, feel free to comment and I will add pics, links and other updates overtime,